Birthday T-shirt Designs

Hi, Here are some designs of t-shirts that you can print on your Birthday occasions. I can design them for you. There are a lot of other designs that I have and I can also design some custom designs for you.

Now, I have 9 designs of T-shirts like these you can see them in the pictures.

I have scale of these designs from “1900 to 2030” and “1 to 100”

You can choose them and if you want any changes to them. I can do it for you.

Contact me for more T-shirt designs 🙂



Please feel free to explore any of the portfolio tools that are used:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Cavna
  • Figma

Project Info

  • Date:01.4.2019
  • Client:RadiusTheme
  • Categories:T-shirt designs
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