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Whether you start a small business such as a grocery store or a small restaurant, printing flyers might be among the very first investment you are going to make. Flyers can help you make a powerful first impression, connect with new prospects break the ice, and have prospective customers know about your brand and services. Flyers can also act as a potential networking tool.

How to design great flyers?

While a well-designed flyer can be a catalyst that leads to future clients, a poorly designed flyer can reflect badly on your business.

Here are some important factors to consider when designing a flyer.

  •       Choose the right typeface. Prioritize readability and make sure that the font you use represents your brand. To ensure optimum readability we recommend you to use 12pts or higher for the company’s name and use any font sizes smaller than 8pt.
  •       Carefully pick the size and shape. Rectangular-shaped flyers are mostly used by companies and are a safe bet. However, you can go creative and pick a different shape for your flyer.
  • Makes sure that the information follows a clear pattern. Each piece of info must be clearly distinguishable and easy to process.


Please feel free to explore any of the portfolio tools that are used:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Cavna
  • Figma

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