Music Social Media Posts

Music Social media posts
Music Social media posts

In terms of free, organic traffic, social media is a go-to. The challenge is that, because the barriers of entry are so low, everyone is competing for the same attention you’re trying to capture.

Social media is hard, especially if you don’t have killer content ideas to keep your content fresh and relevant. But there are still ways to grab the attention of your prospective fan base if you have know-how.

Why go through all this effort? Because if you don’t put in the time and work to build a real relationship with your followers, you can’t expect them to take action when they see you promoting your music.


Please feel free to explore any of the portfolio tools that are used:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Cavna
  • Figma

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  • Date:04.4.2022
  • Client:RadiusTheme
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